Big Bugs of the Week - Jan 22, 2024

Big Bugs of the Week - Jan 22, 2024

Tesla Woes

 More tesla recalls announced this week due to software-related issues which seems to be the norm these days as EV's are heavily focused on software to operate the vehicles.  The first one only affects 4000 vehicles and is directly related to possible steering issues when operating the vehicle in colder temperatures - "the steering wheel may feel notchy when operating the vehicle in cold temperatures".  For the unaware, "notchy" = difficult to use.  

The other recall effects ~200k vehicles and is related to the backup camera potentially not functioning when the vehicle is put in reverse.  

Palworld of Hurt 

The new viral (and controversial) game sensation, Palworld made headlines in previous weeks due to various copyright accusations as well as accusation of overuse of AI in the game and asset creation.    This week, it was revealed that the team (Pocketpair) behind Palworld, is dealing with a bug log > 50,000.  That's a lot of bug but more impressive is that they have all been logged in such a short amount of time.  Maybe AI can fix them all.  

How bad is the bug? Nevermind 

Problems in crypto land, where Ethereum is facing a diversity problem.  Not that kind of diversity.  The diversity issue here is that there is not enough software clients available for validators to leverage  when ensuring the validity of blockchain transactions.  Although the bug was resolved quickly (within 4 hours), it was critical enough to cause an outage that effect just under 10% of Ethereum validators.  The concern is that more software clients are needed as a hedge when one goes down.  The other option could be to ensure better uptime for Nevermind, but that might be a stretch. 

Where are my files? 

A bug in Google's Pixel phone was supposedly fixed previously but is now being reported as active again.  The bug causes users to lose access to the phone's internal storage.  The original bug was linked to phones with multiple user profiles, but it's unclear if that same scenario is causing the issues this time around.  

GitLab Reset 

A security vulnerability in GitLab is raising concerns since > 5,000 servers still remain without the patch that fixes a vulnerability in the password reset process.  Another good reminder to pay attention to potential vulnerabilities announced for software you are using and apply patches as soon as possible.